website design

Clean, functional, mobile friendly and  responsive website design for businesses across Worcestershire and the West Midlands and beyond.

User Experience (UI), Research, Wireframes, Creative Design and Developement – after building websites for over 20 years, we understand all areas of Website design.

Professional and affordable website design

Effective website design is more than simply designing a layout, choosing a colour palette and applying content to it.
Professional web design for business is about problem solving, engaging and communicating with your customers through navigation, aesthetics and logic to sell your products or services.

Our philosophy is that a good website design delivers a message quickly and in a professional manner while providing its users with a pleasant browsing experience.

From photography to graphics and typography to tone of message, the elements of your website design should compliment each other and work within your company’s brand guidelines to present the perfect online representation of your business.

Our website design is built with search engines in mind so they are fully responsive and mobile and tablet friendly, so that people searching for your products and services can find you immediately and have a good web experience.

We are big believers that your website should be something that you continually work with.
Updating it with new content regularly, revising older content, growing and adapting the website as you business grows and the demands of your customers change.
The websites we build are easy enough for you to manage yourself but if you would prefer we can work on a retainer to make sure your website is always up to date and ready to convert your visitors.

Website design powered by a world class Content Management System

Behind all our website design projects is the open source WordPress content management system (CMS), individually customised for your needs and supported by intelligent user experience design and online marketing strategy.
Wordpress powers about 25% of all websites and with IBM, Samsung, The Rolling Stones, Toyota, Vogue, Mercedes Benz and Metro UK using it you can be in reassuringly good company.

The reasons why we choose WordPress make sense not just for us as web designers but also our clients, because it’s:

  • Stable – extensively tested and proven.
  • Future friendly – firmware updates to keep at the forefront of online technology.
  • Intuitive – easy to use for even the most technophobic users.
  • Mobile device responsive – displays perfectly no matter the screen size.
  • Open source – although we customise the CMS it’s not bespoke to us, allowing any other developer to work on it. You aren’t tied to us forever.
  • Secure – the WordPress CMS is constantly upgraded to protect against attack.

We think the biggest benefit of WordPress for our clients is it’s simplicity which empowers you to take control and manage your website’s content.
We customise the CMS to make it easy to add custom fields, amend information gathering forms and link into your social media accounts to increase your exposure online and engage with your customers.