social media marketing

Social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy!

It doesn’t matter if you conduct business online or offline.
It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B, B2C, non-profit or international.
If you aren’t making use of social media then there is a major hole in your marketing.

You need to be doing Social Media!

You have a great looking website…
You have fantastic and interesting content in your news/blog…
You rely on SEO to deliver searchers to it…
But to market your website properly you need to push out your content to your audience as well.

This is where social media comes in to your marketing strategy.
If you ignore it you are missing out on probably the most easy to use, cordial and cheapest form of targeted marketing.

And with mobile devices becoming ever more important in how your target audience accesses your online content, social media is ever increasing in it’s importance.

It isn’t just Facebook and Twitter.

There are many different types each with their own unique purposes and value.
Certainly not every social media platform is suitable for every business.

Our social media experts will be able to decide on which platforms have the most potential to increase traffic and brand awareness.
Then we can formulate a strategy to improve your visibility and assist you with ongoing support and recommendations to continually master social media for your business.

You don’t have the time to be posting all day, every day?

We can recommend tried and tested tools that will allow you to schedule your posts and queue them up days (even weeks) in advance.
They will also push your content out to multiple platforms without having to login to each one individually.
If you can set aside a couple of hours during your working month, you can tackle your business’ social media marketing for that month.