Twisted Cider – St. Austell Brewery Advert

Twisted Cider - St. Austell Brewery Advert

St. Austell Brewery Advert

Twisted Cider have come a long way since they started their first hand pressed, small production run to satisfy customer from selling at farmer’s markets. Over the past 5 years, their pressing and production methods may have changed to allow them to create more of their great tasting cider, but their commitment to the highest quality taste hasn’t wavered. This same great taste has attracted a lot of attention to Twisted Cider and as a result, the opportunity to promote their cider through the infamous St. Austell Brewery came about.

We were approached to create a set of adverts to feature in the latest St Austell Trade Brochure to help promote Twisted Cider. The brochure has an extremely wide scope and is a staple for pubs and bars looking to expand their range. Featuring a variety of different alcoholic beverages, including rivalling cider distributors, Twisted Cider needed an advert that would stand out against the competition. Luckily the brand colours for Twisted Cider are bold and immediately catch the eye, which meant that we could use this colour palette as a basis for the design.

We designed two adverts, one ‘full page’ and one ‘half page’. We made Twisted Cider’s slogan: “Pulped Pressed Pure” a main focal point on the half page because it’s a strong statement that represents the production of the cider. The background for the advert is made up of bright apples so that it’s immediately clear that it’s an advert for cider. The text for the advert is all uppercase and stands out clearly in white, contrasted with the red and green.

You can find out more about Twisted Cider here.

See the St Austell Trade Brochure for yourself here.