Twisted Cider – Jolly Master

Jolly Master

Branching out from their Farmhouse Range, Twisted Cider commissioned “The Jolly Master”, a medium dry craft cider available as either carbonated or still. Craft beverages have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years and Twisted Cider saw the gap in the market for a commercial, low alcohol content cider.

Designed with nautical imagery in mind, we designed two versions of the can. The carbonated can is made up of metallic navy blue & purple background with gold outlines and text. The background is made up of a vintage nautical map of the world. The Still can has the same map but a more muted beige colour scheme. Each can’s design reflects the level of carbonation.

The typography of “The Jolly Master” has a worn textured look to the type to reflect the historical aspect of the brand’s narrative. The can is decorated with simple line drawings and images to match the nautical design.