Twisted Cider – Distributor Flyer

Twisted Cider Distributor Flyer

Getting your product noticed can be a difficult task, especially in the highly competitive alcoholic beverage trade. That’s why when Twisted Cider needed a distributor flyer designed we knew it needed to stand out in the crowd. The flyer would be targeted towards pubs, bars and restaurants. We designed the flyer to make use of the strong brand colours; green and red contrasted with a subtle white wood backdrop.

Twisted Cider’s edge over it’s biggest competitors is that it’s a family run company that uses the best quality apples for an authentic cider taste, reflected in their slogan; Pulped. Pressed. Pure. We therefore decided to make this a focal point on the flyer. We used highlighted statistics to cohesively demonstrate key points to the audience. The nature of a flyer is to convey a message immediately and clearly, so we decorated the flyer with rustic images of apples so that it is instantly clear the product being sold.

You can find out more about Twisted Cider here.