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The Standard Magazine

The Standard Magazine is a monthly publication that focuses on all things concerning road safety and efficiency in terms of HGVs. The magazine is linked to FORS (The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), which is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators. We were tasked with putting together a responsive website which would act as the online counterpart to the physical magazine, which features online versions of the articles. On top of this, there is a digital version of the magazine itself that can be flicked through virtually. Users will have to enter their name and email address in order to view the magazines; this is an ideal way to build up a targeted email marketing client list. The Menu lists an array of different pages for the user, including subscribing to the magazine, advertising with The Standard and finding out about other members already signed up with FORS. The site also features a sidebar, which features various advertisements, which help create extra revenue for the company.

Find out more about The Standard Magazine on their website.