Symétrie Outdoor Poster

Symétrie Outdoor Poster

Outdoor Poster

Symétrie are located on the second floor of their building, which means that they’re not immediately visible to passers-by. They wanted something that would draw attention at street level, therefore we created an outdoor poster which was bright, bold and stood out.

The poster has an inviting purple background with a subtle repeating pattern. The main imagery for the poster is an isolated shot of a smiling model which is the same model used throughout Symétrie’s branding.

The poster features strong handwritten typography; “Feel like you!” which sits below and left of Symétrie’s logo. The poster lists all of the treatments that Symétrie offers. The poster will sit outside their office, facing out onto the road and can easily be read by those sat in traffic or driving past.

You can find out more about Symétrie on their new website.