Stormy Lemonade & Bubblegum Burst Label Design

Stormy Lemonade

Stormy Lemonade & Bubblegum Burst Label Design

Following on from the success of the ‘winter warmer’: Dark Spice, Twisted Cider decided to create two new summer flavours as part of the “Retro Cider” range. We were given the task of creating labels and pump clips for the brand new Stormy Lemonade & Bubblegum Burst.

When designing the new labels we took into consideration the themes of summer and the imagery it conjures up. Summer is the season for drinking cider outdoors in the sun so we aimed to make both labels equally bright and colourful while matching the individual themes of the names.

Stormy Lemonade uses bright yellow, blue and white colours utilised in the imagery. The background consists of a blue stormy sky over a yellow field with lemons trees being struck by lightning.

Bubblegum Burst uses a strong pink and blue colour scheme. The background consists of pink blossom in an apple orchard. Behind the name are bright ‘bursts’ of pink and blue to reflect the flavour.

The two designs are intended to be individual but also work as a pair in the same range, using the same general layout.

We have since created an advert for these two flavours, which you find out about here.

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