Static Safe Environments Website

Static Safe Environments Website

Static Safe Environments (SSE) are leading experts in the installation and supply of electrostatic discharge (ESD) products for use in high tech industries that use microelectronic components including computing and aerospace.

Their previous website ran on a custom CMS which the team at SSE were finding increasingly difficult to make changes and amendments to without having to employ the services of (and incur costs doing so) the website’s developers.

Also the previous website had an e-Commerce function, but with over a thousand product variation options if was proving difficult to display all the products in a manner that led to easy selection and purchasing.

We rebuilt the website from scratch using the opensource WordPress as the CMS backbone to make sure that the SSE team had a flexible and powerful, user friendly platform which allows them to carry out changes and add new products in house.

We streamlined the e-Commerce shopping experience to make it quicker and easier to get to the products from any point on the website by an improved product category layout. Employing variation tables allowed us to get numerous products displayed on a single page thus reducing the number of products hidden from visitors on multiple pages.

The website is now 100% mobile responsive improving greatly the user experience for visitors accessing the website from devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

We’re glad to report positive feedback from the team at SSE who have said how much easier they have found the new website to work with. They hope that this will encourage them to add content to the website more frequently providing interesting industry information to provide visitors a reason to revisit the website again and again.