Static Safe Environments A4 Landscape Reverse Brochure

SSE A4 Landscape Booklet

We’ve just created a reversible A4 landscape brochure for our client Static Safe Environments. Static Safe Environments wanted a brochure to promote the 2 sides of the business; the bespoke ESD workbench/flooring manufacturing and ESD training, and the retail ordering commerce including ESD consumables, clothing and accessories. Rather than banding the 2 sides of the business together with one following and playing second fiddle to the other, we suggested a reversible A4 landscape layout. This allows the customer to flip the brochure over to access the information most relevant to their need, whilst still putting the other services in front of the customer. The design reduced the print costs as only one brochure was produced rather than 2 and the cost of getting out to customers was also reduced. The brochure precedes a new revised website we are building, come back soon to find out more about that!