PULL UP your branding socks!

So you’ve signed yourself up to guest speak at an event or  maybe you’ve just grabbed a last minute stand at a trade show but you’re a bit light on portable, attention grabbing promotional material.

Time to PULL UP your socks!

We’ve been working with a great print partner recently who is letting us have access to fantastic prices for Pull Up marketing banners.

Not only are they ludicrously cheap but they have a super fast turnaround time, only 3 days from order to delivery (sometimes even less!). Perfect if you’ve booked a last minute space at a business expo or have been asked to present to a group of potential new business contacts.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any designs or artwork in place, we can help advise on the content that is going to be grabbing eyes and drawing over new clients to talk to you.

Get in touch with us today to order yours!

Call: 01562734040 or email: ryan@zigzagadvertising.co.uk