Orchard Valley Foods Group – Voucher Booklet

Voucher Booklet

To be distributed internally at the end of the year, Orchard Valley Foods commissioned a Gift Voucher booklet for each member of their staff. Titled up “Your Little Book of Thank Yous”, the booklet was designed to show appreciation for the hard work throughout the year and included vouchers such as “1 Additional Half Day Annual Leave” and “Free Sandwich From The Cafeteria”.

The voucher booklet was handed out around the same time as their internal magazine; The Ingredient,  so we replicated a similar style to the layout of the magazine. The background for each voucher was made up of a subtle nature pattern combined in contrast with a white canvas backdrop for the text. Each voucher had a simple icon that summarised the benefit of the voucher. You can find out more about Orchard Valley Foods here.