Orchard Valley Foods – Forrester’s Choice Beer

Forrester's Choice

Forrester’s Choice Beer

We recently designed a new beer brand for Orchard Valley Foods named Forrester’s Choice, which will be distributed at OVF events as a free giveaway.

The design of the label is aimed to replicate the current “craft” trend for alcoholic drinks, using custom typography and muted earthy textures combined with bold colours. For this label, we used a bold yellow with a muted green as a homage to the modern OVF brand colours.




The front label uses an illustrated forest backdrop in navy blue, which reflects the name of the beer. In the foreground, we used an abstract line illustration of a meadow in the muted green. The base of the label features a bold yellow strip with strong typography as a main focal point.


For the back label, we used the same forest backdrop as the front but include a yellow outlined box layout for the beer information. The box is designed to continue the vintage look with varying typography sizes. The unit content of the beer is displayed in a bottle outline, which matches the line style of the information box.



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