New Belladonna Plaster Packaging Design

Belladonna Plaster Medical Packaging Design by

Packaging design is something that needs revising for a number reasons. It may be that the product has changed, materials may have been updated, regulations enforced that need to be communicated and also sometimes it just down to the need for a fresher design.

The Belladonna Plaster produced by Cuxson Gerrard has been a popular product for many years for people suffering from back aches and muscle pain. The client had a couple of pieces of copy that needed to be updated which provided the emphasis to look and at the overall packaging design of the product.

We’ve freshened things up with introducing eye-catching, stronger colours and easier to read on pack messaging. The imagery on pack has been updated to make it more obvious to the products purpose.

Packaging design is something that is definitely revisiting every now and again to make sure the product is competitive, communicating properly and using a contemporary aesthetic. If you would like an expert’s eye to give you current packaging design an appraisal or a competitive quote for a new or redesign give Ryan a call on 01562 734040 or email:

If you would like to find out more regarding the Belladonna Plaster product itself please visit the website