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Hapla Paddings

Hapla Paddings & Strappings

We recently designed a brand new website for Cuxson Gerrard’s Hapla Paddings & Strappings. Hapla is a leader in the development and manufacture of specialist podiatry paddings & strappings. They requested a new website for their customers to learn more about their product.

As well as being a hub for all things Hapla, the website includes an “Our Commitment To Training” section which focuses on resources to teach podiatrists how to use their products which features a wide range of videos and downloadable booklets. The training section is an area which draws a lot of visitors to the site and therefore can be utilised to increase communication with potential customers and partners. We did this by adding a ‘sign up’ feature which unlocks the ability to watch the videos or download the booklets once a user has entered their email address. This means that Hapla can increase their reach and interaction with their audience base.

See the website for yourself and learn more about Hapla here.

Hapla Paddings