Guest Truck and Van Website

Guest Truck and Van

As the Guest Motors Limited Group has expanded over the years, the network of dealers that have been acquired needed a new online hub for all the products and services to be presented under a unified website.

Primarily visitors to the Guest website are after either access to either Iveco or Fiat commercial vehicles or their services. To make sure that we were providing a relevant user experience, the main landing page directs the visitor to either a streamlined Iveco or Fiat specific version of the website.

Whether it’s to the Iveco or the Fiat version of the website they are forwarded, the website layout and site plan is the same with only content changes differing the two to provide a consistent online experience.

A large easy to change slider allows the Guest website to communicate current marketing messages including offers, new product launches and Guest/Manufacturer latest news. The slides link directly to the relevant content of the website to provide a quick access to the most recent website content.

Sections of the website are dedicated for new and pre-owned vehicles with easy to update listings for the Guest team to keep the product selection current.

The website rebuild provided the perfect opportunity to consolidate older separate websites (parts and vehicle linking services). As well as centralising all the services/product in one website there should be an improvement in SEO from all the domain’s combining.