Guest Convoy In The Park E-Shot

Convoy In The Park

Convoy In The Park E-Shot

Convoy In The Park is one of the year’s biggest festivals for all things trucks. The festival is a major event for Guest Truck and Van and therefore they wanted an attention-grabbing way of letting their clients know they’d be exhibiting at the festival and showcasing the new IVECO Stralis X-Way.

We created an E-Shot, which used dynamic imagery of the Stralis X-Way range, which features in the header for the email. Below this, the Convoy In The Park logo and the festival dates take centre stage. Guest wanted to make it clear that they’d be displaying the Stralis X-Way, which would be a key selling point in gaining interest in the festival. We included an advert strip for the X-Way, which sits above the first heading; “We’ll be showcasing the Stralis X-Way!”

The E-shot’s main feature is its image collage, made up of exciting shots of the main attractions Convoy In The Park offers, such as truck racing, live music and stunt shows. Certain images in the collage leave their frames and overlap with other images to help the collage feel more dynamic.

You can find out more about Guest Truck and Van here.