Cuxson Gerrard – Debrisoft NHS Booklet


Debrisoft Booklet

Cuxson Gerrard is a distributor of Debrisoft, which is a product used for debridement and clearing wounds, specifically those caused by ulcers. We were set the task of creating a 4-page booklet, targeted towards the NHS with information about the product and it’s benefits.

We designed the booklet to match the brand colour palette of Debrisoft as well as mirroring the clean white & green theme of their website.

The booklet contains all the relevant information about Debrisoft and their products with key points highlighted by bold icons. The booklet includes a 4 step instructional guide with simple outlined illustrations to demonstrate the process as cohesive as possible. On the back of the booklet there is a short questionnaire that can be cut out and sent off to receive a free sample. The cutout aligns with a return address form featured on the inside page so that all the necessary customer information is included in the cutout slip.

If you’d like to find out more about Cuxson Gerrard visit their website.