Cuxson Gerrard – Product Video

Cuxson Gerrard Product Video

Cuxson Gerrard has been in business for over 130 years. During this time they’ve helped pioneer and develop hundreds of products for podiatry and medical use. They needed a way of displaying these products for an Exhibition at the NEC, so our task was to create a video that would showcase their company and products clearly. Naturally, an exhibition environment means you need to be able to draw in potential customers and partnerships within a short time frame.

Using the brand colours of Cuxson Gerrard as the primary colour scheme (to pair with the design of the physical exhibition stand) each slide of the video used white space contrasted with strong colour blocks. The blocks contain clear and concise points about each product and would change to fit the branding colours of each product.

Displaying over 80 products on nearly 100 slides, the video was displayed on 4 screens around the exhibition stand so that it could be seen when approaching from any angle.

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