Counterpoint Courses

We recently launched the new website for our client Counterpoint, It was clear from the first meeting that Steve and Ros who head up Counterpoint that they didn’t just want to look at the project as a simple website and other supporting materials, but rather a co-ordinated set of marketing tools that could be used complimentary with each other to communicate Counterpoint’s values and messages. Counterpoint were looking to portray a polished professional image that stood out from the other procurement and negotiation consultants. We redesigned the brand by tidying up the existing logo, introducing a bold colour palette and a clean modern font suitable for web and print use. They had been getting by using a template website they had built themselves and whilst their execution was fine, they had hit limitations on what they could achieve creatively and with the inbuilt functionality.. Starting the website again from scratch allowed Counterpoint to expand their service offering whilst making use of the latest web technology to end up with a new website that is fully mobile responsive, is easy to update and gathers visitors contact details for remarking at a later date.