Clarkson Controls i-Con E-Shot

i-Con E-Shot

Clarkson Controls wanted to utilise email marketing to promote their latest product, the i-Con room sensor. Clarkson Controls manufacture ventilation control systems for buildings, which control temperature, ventilation and air quality. Entrusted with maintaining historical artefacts such as The Magna Carta and the Hereford Mappa Mundi, Clarkson Controls create high quality and efficient BMS (Building Management Systems). We decided to make this the key point in the construction of their E-Shot. We used the comparison between a snail and a cheetah to represent a low-quality BMS vs. the superior i-Con room sensor.

The key caption: “They both look like they’re doing the same job… but one is clearly better” is used to highlight the fact that both a snail and a cheetah have the ability to get from A to B but one is clearly better at doing so.

The E-shot then goes on to clearly compare each aspect of a standard BMS with the Clarkson Controls i-Con, cohesively explaining the benefits of a superior system.

The colour scheme of the E-shot reflects the branding of Clarkson Controls and uses both white space and the strong blue to separate each section of the E-shot.

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We recently updated Clarkson Controls’ corporate ID, which you can learn more about here.