Carnation Footcare – Virtual Podiatrist Website

Common Footcare Problems

With online self diagnosis and treatment sourcing for minor ailments becoming more popular as an alternative to visiting a healthcare practitioner, it makes sense for companies with the knowledge and the products to remedy ailments to focus on creating websites that provide diagnosis assistance and then promote the purchase of the correct product as a treatment. Carnation Footcare have the knowledge and the products to help customers with a variety of foot care ailments and we were able to work with them to take this information and display it online using a interactive user experience focused website. We used a mix of HTML 5 and Javascript as an alternative to Flash to create a creative online diagnosis tool, which unlike a Flash based website is able to display and work correctly on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. After the diagnosis is made, the user is recommended the correct Carnation treatment and given the option to visit an e-commerce website to make a purchase of the product there and then. If you have a similar healthcare range of products or even an idea for a problem/solution based website get in touch with us today to find out about creating a creative online website to serve your customers and drive online sales.