Carnation Footcare: Shoe Deodoriser Bamboo Charcoal Packaging

Carnation Footcare Shoe Deodoriser Bamboo Charcoal Packaging

An unusual project. We had to design a fairly simple piece of packaging for a hessian bag containing bamboo charcoal a well known shoe deodoriser. We needed to be aware of print limitations and converted the client logo into single colour for use on the bag and the green side tag. The wrap around label is used to hold the 2 bags, again the logo was simplified to keep costs down and a simple bamboo leaf design was created to create a bit of interest and link to the product. All fairly straight forward, but as with all things involving packaging success is all in the detail. If you’ve got a need for product packing design get in touch to discuss options. We’ve the experience to advise on suitable solutions to get your product standing out on shelves.