Orchard Valley Foods Candeco & Additions Adverts

Orchard Valley Foods Candeco & Additions Adverts

Candeco & Additions Adverts

We recently designed two adverts for Orchard Valley Foods, which showcase two separate brands within the company. The first advert for Candeco uses a modular photo collage displaying varying different decorations and inclusions and how they can be used. Orchard Valley wanted the advert to be image focused, therefore we had the opportunity to utilise colourful and interesting photographs of Candeco products.

Additions is another brand from Orchard Valley Foods, a set of 11 different flavoured decorations for food and drinks. The theme for this advert was “British Favourites” and features different cakes and desserts with Additions sprinkled on top. The layout is focused around a collection of Polaroid photographs, each one with handwritten labels. The base of the advert lists each product in their individual brand colours above an image of the entire range.

You can find out more about the Additions rebrand here.

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