Aquabio Website Design

Aquabio Website Design

Aquabio deal in efficient wastewater treatment on an industrial scale. Providing resource and money saving solutions for companies such as Müller and Marmite, Aquabio has over 20 years experience in a wide range of sectors. Aquabio offers various different technologies in water recovery, wastewater treatment and reuse technology solutions, tailored for your particular industry and set up.

The Home page has a hero video, which showcases Aquabio’s work and lists the benefits and applications. The site features a sticky menu, which travels down the page with you so that your next move is always available to you.

Each technology has it’s own dedicated section of the website, with animated diagrams which explain the process clearly. The site also uses a number of case studies which describes in-depth their setup and how Aquabio helped them become more efficient and save money. If the user wants to find out more and compare the case study to their own setup, there is an option to download each case study as a PDF at the bottom of each page.

The site makes use of an account area for customers, which features all of the relevant paperwork and information in regard to their personalised setup.

See the new website for yourself here.