Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Launch E-Shot

Additions Launch

Additions Launch E-Shot

To help promote the newly rebranded Additions range, we created an Additions Launch E-Shot detailing the products in the range and its applications.

The E-Shot is styled to match the aesthetic of the Additions shaker jars which makes use of the pink pinstripes. We decided to make the Additions Logo the first thing you see when you open the email because the primary purpose of the E-Shot is to highlight the new brand. Beneath this, we used visually attractive images of the range being used.

The Additions Launch E-Shot includes a strong “call to action” button in pink, which immediately stands out to the user. Further down the email, we use a full-width image of the additions products being used with a dessert. The base of the E-Shot features the full range of products in a row, which showcases the colourful shaker jars.

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