Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Datasheet

Additions Datasheet

Additions Datasheet

With the recently rebranded Additions range ready for distribution, we were asked to create a 6-page datasheet detailing information about each of the 11 products and how they can be used in recipes.

For each product, we specified the ingredients, the allergen information and the weight. We also included a brief summary of the product and a detailed step-by-step guide for a delicious recipe using the product. The sections are styled using the brand colours for each product and feature an image of the shaker jars and a photo of the physical Additions in a bowl. The overall colour scheme matches the design of the Additions branding and shaker jars.

The Additions Datasheet is made up of 6 pages, which has the benefit of being transported as easily as an A4 sheet but unfolds to display a large amount of information. This design means the datasheet is perfect when showcasing the Additions range to potential distributors.

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