Print Design

Powerstep Pro Flyer

Powerstep has a wide range of dynamic insoles, which are designed to relieve foot pain. We were asked to create a flyer, which focuses on the Powerstep ProTech Control. The flyer highlights the benefits of the insole and breaks down …Read more»

Cyrospray 59 Flyer

Cryospray 59 is a wart and verruca treatment aimed towards healthcare professionals. We were tasked with creating a flyer, which highlighted the brand as well as the different applicators that work with Cryospray and their different uses. The flyer also …Read more»

Belladonna Trifold Leaflet

We recently put together a Trifold leaflet for Belladonna Plaster, which is intended to be mailed to various GPs and doctors. The 6-page leaflet aims to give doctors all the relevant information they’d need to understand the benefits and uses …Read more»

Clarkson Controls i-Con Brochure

Clarkson controls asked us to put together a 4-page brochure for the i-Con room sensor. The brochure features key information about the sensor as well as showcasing the benefits of choosing the i-Con over its competitors. The style matches the …Read more»

Symétrie Summer Strut Card

Summer Strut Card We recently designed an A3 strut card to promote Symétrie’s Gift Vouchers, which can be redeemed towards any of their treatments or products. The strut card design is the first in a series; this one is based …Read more»

Symétrie Christmas Strut Card and Poster

Earlier on in the year, Symétrie asked us to create a strut card, which would showcase their new gift vouchers. In the build-up to Christmas, Symétrie wanted to promote their gift vouchers as an ideal gift for friends and family. …Read more»

Dark Spice St Austell Promotion

In preparation for the colder months, Twisted Cider are putting out an advert in the St Austell quarterly brochure. The advert promotes their Dark Spice cider which can be served either hot or cold, described as the “Perfect Winter Warmer.” …Read more»

The Ingredient – Q2 2018 Magazine

We recently designed the third edition of Orchard Valley Food’s internal magazine: The Ingredient That Makes The Difference. With the third issue (Q2 2018) we continued the styling from the previous 2 issues; modular blocks of colour paired with a …Read more»

Hapla Chiropody Express Mailer

Chiropody Express is a distributor of Hapla and wanted to promote their recently discounted prices. We created a double-sided mailer using the Chiropody Express brand colours, which would contain all the relevant product codes and information in order to purchase …Read more»

Symétrie Lifestyle Magazine Advert

Lifestyle Magazine Advert Symétrie asked us to create a full-page advert, which would feature in the latest issue of Lifestyle Magazine. The design follows the same style as their recent A5 brochure and outdoor poster, featuring the prominent, handwritten slogan: …Read more»

Symétrie Business Card Design

Symétrie Business Card We recently updated Symétrie’s branding design, which in turn means they needed a new business card design. Our aim was to keep the design clean and simple, using the Symétrie light purple as the backdrop for both …Read more»

Symétrie Appointment Card Design

Symétrie Appointment Card Symétrie approached Zig Zag to create an appointment card, which could be given to clients as a reminder for their next treatment. The client’s next appointment date and time are written on the card then handed to …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods Home Baking Advert

Home Baking Advert Orchard Valley Foods (OVF) asked us to put together a Home Baking themed advert, which visually displayed how their products are all you need when baking at home. The advert needed to be bright and image-focused which …Read more»

Symétrie Outdoor Poster

Outdoor Poster Symétrie are located on the second floor of their building, which means that they’re not immediately visible to passers-by. They wanted something that would draw attention at street level, therefore we created an outdoor poster which was bright, …Read more»

Symétrie ‘Feel Like You’ booklet

Feel like you! Symétrie approached us to put together an A5 booklet, which would showcase what they offer, from treatments to cosmetic products. The booklet uses the same colour scheme as their new website and uses the same bold, illustrative images …Read more»

Clarkson Controls Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts from Clarkson Controls Corporate gifts are a great way to give your customers something with your branding on that they’ll use every day. This means that your company is never far away and your contact details are right …Read more»

Twisted Cider – St. Austell Brewery Advert

St. Austell Brewery Advert Twisted Cider have come a long way since they started their first hand pressed, small production run to satisfy customer from selling at farmer’s markets. Over the past 5 years, their pressing and production methods may …Read more»

Symetrie Gift Voucher Design

Symetrie – Gift Voucher Design We recently redesigned the Symetrie website, which included a rebrand of the Symetrie colour palette. To work alongside the new website, we created a gift voucher design that matched the new colours, fonts, textures as …Read more»

Clarkson Controls Stationary

Clarkson Controls Stationary A new Clarkson Controls logo means new Clarkson Controls stationary! Since we helped rebrand their corporate ID, we’ve been updating the Clarkson Controls stationary, which includes business cards and letterheads. The business cards and letterhead follow a …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods Candeco & Additions Adverts

Candeco & Additions Adverts We recently designed two adverts for Orchard Valley Foods, which showcase two separate brands within the company. The first advert for Candeco uses a modular photo collage displaying varying different decorations and inclusions and how they …Read more»

Twisted Cider St. Austell Summer Advert

St. Austell Summer Advert This is the third time Twisted Cider has advertised within the renowned St. Austell Trade Brochure, following on from two previous successful campaigns. The latest advert we created announces the arrival of two new summer flavours: …Read more»

Belladonna Plaster Pull Up Banners

Belladonna Plaster Pull Up Banners The Belladonna Plaster has been available for the treatment of aches and pains for over 100 years. Cuxson Gerrard commissioned two Pull Up Banners for use at various events and exhibitions. The two pull up banners …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Datasheet

Additions Datasheet With the recently rebranded Additions range ready for distribution, we were asked to create a 6-page datasheet detailing information about each of the 11 products and how they can be used in recipes. For each product, we specified …Read more»

The Ingredient – Q1 2018 Magazine

We recently designed the first ever edition of Orchard Valley Food’s internal magazine: The Ingredient That Makes The Difference. With the second issue (Q1 2018) we followed the same layout style from the first edition; modular blocks of colour paired …Read more»

Cuxson Gerrard – Debrisoft NHS Booklet

Debrisoft Booklet Cuxson Gerrard is a distributor of Debrisoft, which is a product used for debridement and clearing wounds, specifically those caused by ulcers. We were set the task of creating a 4-page booklet, targeted towards the NHS with information …Read more»

Hapla Wool Felt Pull Up Banner

Created alongside their new website, Hapla requested 2 Pull Up Banners to showcase why their paddings and strappings are superior to their competition. With 35 years of scientific and clinical research behind their product, Hapla wanted to concisely explain the …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Dark Spice Branding

Dark Spice Off the success of Twisted Cider’s Farmhouse range, they decided to release the first addition to their Twisted Range: Dark Spice. Dark Spice can be served hot or cold, branded as a ‘winter warmer’ packed with flavour. With …Read more»

New Emu Oil Labels

New Emu Oil Labels With its Aboriginal origins, we focused the design of these Emu Oil labels around tribal patterns and earthy tones. We aimed for a style that was uniquely Aboriginal, so the main pattern replicates that of dot …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Distributor Flyer

Getting your product noticed can be a difficult task, especially in the highly competitive alcoholic beverage trade. That’s why when Twisted Cider needed a distributor flyer designed we knew it needed to stand out in the crowd. The flyer would …Read more»

Who Will Inherit Your Greatest Wealth?

Who Will Inherit Your Greatest Wealth? “Who will inherit your greatest wealth? Become an organ donor.” Print advertisement created by McCann, Brazil for Hospital Moinhos de Vento, within the category: Health. Find out more about this ad campaign here.  

Cofler – A World Made of Chocolate

Cofler – A World Made of Chocolate We love these creative illustrations made for Cofler chocolate. See more about this project. Credit to Mora Vieytes You may also like… Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate 2018 Valentine’s Day Chocolate Collection from EVAN&CO.

New Advert – Play-Doh

PLAY-DOH: A BILLBOARD MADE OF 100% IMAGINATION In April, Hasbro transforms itself into a world of imagination and creativity to celebrate Children’s Day with the launch of the “Open a jar of imagination” campaign. The brand seeks to remind the …Read more»

Barber Shop Branding

Barber Shop Branding Since the hipster style and culture has become more and more popular, we’ve started to see design work for barber shops become increasingly common! Barber Shop branding collection compiled by Spoon Graphics. MR. PARKER BY STRØMME THRONDSEN DESIGN …Read more»

Advert – Many Sides of Italy

Advert – Many Sides of Italy “We’ll help you discover the many sides of Italy” “Publicis Dublin collaborated with Topflight to create a high impact campaign that promotes a wide range of Italian holidays. The leading Dublin creative agency kept …Read more»

Audi Heritage Poster

Audi Heritage Poster An original poster series celebrating Audi’s heritage of innovation and progress. Print advertisement created by TracyLocke, United States for Audi, within the category: Automotive. See more in the series

Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate

Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate Amul Dark Chocolate – Print advertisement created by FCB, India, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks. “Background: Dark chocolates barely constitute 10% of the chocolate category in India. But recently, consumers, especially millennials, have begun embracing …Read more»