Packaging Design

Additions 1KG Pouch Packaging Design

Orchard Valley wanted a simple 1KG pouch design for their new Additions range. The pack needed to be cost effective but still branded up clearly as Additions. The design needed to have enough clear space for a product label, which …Read more»

Minimalist Packaging Design – Helen Hausman

Helen Hausman Cosmetics Helen Hausman Cosmetics borns as an eschewing to toxic chemicals and synthetics and supporting sustainably-sourced, plant-derived ingredients, which mean’s it’s officially never been easier to look amazing and go green at the same time. The brand reflects the cleanliness …Read more»

Carnation Packaging Design

Carnation Packaging Design Carnation have been taking care of the nation’s feet for 95 years. They offer a wide range of footcare products that solve a variance of ailments. Included in their range is their Cracked Heel Cream, which restores …Read more»

Hapla Packaging Design

Hapla Packaging Design Hapla is a leader in the development and manufacture of specialist podiatry paddings & strappings. With a wide range of products, Hapla needed a range of packaging designed that followed a consistent style and was clear and concise. …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Dark Spice Branding

Dark Spice Off the success of Twisted Cider’s Farmhouse range, they decided to release the first addition to their Twisted Range: Dark Spice. Dark Spice can be served hot or cold, branded as a ‘winter warmer’ packed with flavour. With …Read more»

New Emu Oil Labels

New Emu Oil Labels With its Aboriginal origins, we focused the design of these Emu Oil labels around tribal patterns and earthy tones. We aimed for a style that was uniquely Aboriginal, so the main pattern replicates that of dot …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Rebrand

Additions – “Add the…Magic” We recently worked on a complete rebrand for Orchard Valley Food’s “Additions” Range. Additions is a range of edible decorations and confections intended for use in all kinds of applications from cakes to drinks. When we …Read more»

Designs We Love – Bai Bubbles

Designs We Love – Bai Bubbles “BAI—the advertiser known from a Super Bowl’s commercial with Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken approached us to create the promotional materials for their new drink BAI bubbles. BAI Bubbles is sparkling, comes in 5 …Read more»

L’Oréal’s New Seed Paper Bottle

Packaging technology has created a water-resistant paper bottle shell. Products are contained within a recyclable inner plastic liner made with mostly post-consumer recycled content. Sustainability is in the DNA of Seed Phytonutrients, shaping everything from the relationships with organic farmers …Read more»

Cofler – A World Made of Chocolate

Cofler – A World Made of Chocolate We love these creative illustrations made for Cofler chocolate. See more about this project. Credit to Mora Vieytes You may also like… Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate 2018 Valentine’s Day Chocolate Collection from EVAN&CO.

Twisted Cider – Jolly Master

Branching out from their Farmhouse Range, Twisted Cider commissioned “The Jolly Master”, a medium dry craft cider available as either carbonated or still. Craft beverages have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years and Twisted Cider saw …Read more»

Barber Shop Branding

Barber Shop Branding Since the hipster style and culture has become more and more popular, we’ve started to see design work for barber shops become increasingly common! Barber Shop branding collection compiled by Spoon Graphics. MR. PARKER BY STRØMME THRONDSEN DESIGN …Read more»

Pennyback – Heavy-duty Mixers

Designs We Love – Pennyback Heavy-duty mixers from Austin, Texas. Pennyback – Forged with locally sourced ingredients. Inspired by Austin’s iconic Pennybacker bridge. Find out more Credit to Chad Michael Studio