Graphic Design

Powerstep Pro Flyer

Powerstep has a wide range of dynamic insoles, which are designed to relieve foot pain. We were asked to create a flyer, which focuses on the Powerstep ProTech Control. The flyer highlights the benefits of the insole and breaks down …Read more»

Cakes with Class Logo Design

We recently designed the logo for a brand new start-up, ‘Cakes with Class‘. As the name suggests, they create bespoke cakes with a classy look. We wanted the logo to reflect this instantly but also have a homemade feel as …Read more»

Clarkson Controls Christmas Message

With the end of the year approaching, Clarkson Controls wanted to let their customers know their opening hours for the period and wish them a Merry Christmas. We put together a banner for their website which featured their new product, …Read more»

Aquabio Website Design

Aquabio deal in efficient wastewater treatment on an industrial scale. Providing resource and money saving solutions for companies such as Müller and Marmite, Aquabio has over 20 years experience in a wide range of sectors. Aquabio offers various different technologies …Read more»

Clarkson Controls i-Con Brochure

Clarkson controls asked us to put together a 4-page brochure for the i-Con room sensor. The brochure features key information about the sensor as well as showcasing the benefits of choosing the i-Con over its competitors. The style matches the …Read more»

The Ingredient – Q2 2018 Magazine

We recently designed the third edition of Orchard Valley Food’s internal magazine: The Ingredient That Makes The Difference. With the third issue (Q2 2018) we continued the styling from the previous 2 issues; modular blocks of colour paired with a …Read more»

Symétrie Lifestyle Magazine Advert

Lifestyle Magazine Advert Symétrie asked us to create a full-page advert, which would feature in the latest issue of Lifestyle Magazine. The design follows the same style as their recent A5 brochure and outdoor poster, featuring the prominent, handwritten slogan: …Read more»

Creative Latte Decorations

Artist @leekangbin91 is building a large following on Instagram with his incredibly detailed artistic latte decorations. Check out his designs below and find out more about his work on his Instagram.

Clarkson Controls Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts from Clarkson Controls Corporate gifts are a great way to give your customers something with your branding on that they’ll use every day. This means that your company is never far away and your contact details are right …Read more»

Twisted Cider – St. Austell Brewery Advert

St. Austell Brewery Advert Twisted Cider have come a long way since they started their first hand pressed, small production run to satisfy customer from selling at farmer’s markets. Over the past 5 years, their pressing and production methods may …Read more»

Clarkson Controls – New Corporate Identity E-Shot

New Corporate Identity To celebrate their 25 Year Anniversary, Clarkson Controls asked us to update their corporate identity. To announce this occasion, Clarkson Controls wanted an E-Shot that would grab attention and clearly showcase their updated logo. We developed a fully …Read more»

New Cuxson Gerrard Website

New Website design for Cuxson Gerrard We were recently commissioned to redesign and update the Cuxson Gerrard Website. Cuxson Gerrard is a leader in the research, development and manufacture of products for podiatry and medical use. With a number of …Read more»

Symetrie Gift Voucher Design

Symetrie – Gift Voucher Design We recently redesigned the Symetrie website, which included a rebrand of the Symetrie colour palette. To work alongside the new website, we created a gift voucher design that matched the new colours, fonts, textures as …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods Candeco & Additions Adverts

Candeco & Additions Adverts We recently designed two adverts for Orchard Valley Foods, which showcase two separate brands within the company. The first advert for Candeco uses a modular photo collage displaying varying different decorations and inclusions and how they …Read more»

Twisted Cider St. Austell Summer Advert

St. Austell Summer Advert This is the third time Twisted Cider has advertised within the renowned St. Austell Trade Brochure, following on from two previous successful campaigns. The latest advert we created announces the arrival of two new summer flavours: …Read more»

Proflow Brand New Website

Proflow New Website We were recently set the task of redesigning the Proflow Exhausts website, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of top quality custom exhausts, tailpipes and accessories. The concept behind the redesign was to keep the site clean …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Datasheet

Additions Datasheet With the recently rebranded Additions range ready for distribution, we were asked to create a 6-page datasheet detailing information about each of the 11 products and how they can be used in recipes. For each product, we specified …Read more»

Clarkson Controls 25 Years Branding

25 Years Branding We recently created some new graphics for Clarkson Controls as part of their 25 Years anniversary celebration. We designed a “25 Years” logo that emulates the style of the new Clarkson Controls logo, aiming to give the …Read more»

The Ingredient – Q1 2018 Magazine

We recently designed the first ever edition of Orchard Valley Food’s internal magazine: The Ingredient That Makes The Difference. With the second issue (Q1 2018) we followed the same layout style from the first edition; modular blocks of colour paired …Read more»

Website Wednesdays – Curious Critters Club

Curious Critters Club “Curious Critters Club is a global kids’ nature group who search the world to discover curious and unknown creatures.” See the interactive website here.   Landing Page and Introduction Interactive Game   Menu

Website Wednesdays – Teatr Lalka

“Welcome to Teatr Lalka – Warsaw’s oldest puppet theatre founded in 1950.” Teatr Lalka is Warsaw’s oldest puppet theatre and for #WebsiteWednesdays this week we’re focusing on their interactive website. The landing page for the site is a subtly animated collection of …Read more»

Cuxson Gerrard – Debrisoft NHS Booklet

Debrisoft Booklet Cuxson Gerrard is a distributor of Debrisoft, which is a product used for debridement and clearing wounds, specifically those caused by ulcers. We were set the task of creating a 4-page booklet, targeted towards the NHS with information …Read more»

Hapla Wool Felt Pull Up Banner

Created alongside their new website, Hapla requested 2 Pull Up Banners to showcase why their paddings and strappings are superior to their competition. With 35 years of scientific and clinical research behind their product, Hapla wanted to concisely explain the …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Dark Spice Branding

Dark Spice Off the success of Twisted Cider’s Farmhouse range, they decided to release the first addition to their Twisted Range: Dark Spice. Dark Spice can be served hot or cold, branded as a ‘winter warmer’ packed with flavour. With …Read more»

New Emu Oil Labels

New Emu Oil Labels With its Aboriginal origins, we focused the design of these Emu Oil labels around tribal patterns and earthy tones. We aimed for a style that was uniquely Aboriginal, so the main pattern replicates that of dot …Read more»

Orchard Valley Foods – Additions Rebrand

Additions – “Add the…Magic” We recently worked on a complete rebrand for Orchard Valley Food’s “Additions” Range. Additions is a range of edible decorations and confections intended for use in all kinds of applications from cakes to drinks. When we …Read more»

Cuxson Gerrard – Product Video

Cuxson Gerrard has been in business for over 130 years. During this time they’ve helped pioneer and develop hundreds of products for podiatry and medical use. They needed a way of displaying these products for an Exhibition at the NEC, …Read more»

Emu Oil Social Media Adverts

Emu Oil Social Media Adverts Emu Oil offers a wide range of benefits, including helping to combat thinning hair. We recently designed a series of Emu Oil Social Media adverts that features the range of products including shampoo and conditioner. …Read more»

Guest Truck & Van – Opt-In Email Marketing

“The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years” In response to the recent changes in data protection, companies like Guest Truck & Van have needed to ask their email recipients to actively …Read more»

Advert – End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness Outdoor advertisement created by WCRS, United Kingdom for End Youth Homelessness, within the category: Public Interest, NGO. Turn Lives Around Find out more about this campaign.  

Hand Drawn Film Posters for DFL

Film poster sketches for German Magazine – DFL Magazin.  “The idea was to create 4 movie posters for the favourite films of selected Bundesliga players. The illustrations were drawn and coloured in PS with Wacom Cintiq. “ Find out more about …Read more»

Clarkson Controls New Logo

After 25 Years of being in business, Clarkson Controls decided it was time for an update of their corporate identity. They wanted their new logo to represent what they do; Building Management Systems that control the temperature, ventilation and air …Read more»

Designs We Love – Bai Bubbles

Designs We Love – Bai Bubbles “BAI—the advertiser known from a Super Bowl’s commercial with Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken approached us to create the promotional materials for their new drink BAI bubbles. BAI Bubbles is sparkling, comes in 5 …Read more»

36 Days of Type – Rick Lundskow

36 Days of Type Showcase by Rick Lundskow 36 Days of Type is a project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to express their particular view on letters and numbers of our alphabet. 36 days of restless creativity, where participants are …Read more»

Emu Oil – New Website Design

Emu Oil offers a wide range of benefits, including helping to combat thinning hair. We recently designed and constructed a new website for Emu Oil which features an animated and interactive front-page slider. Each element of the slider animates in …Read more»

Clarkson Controls i-Con E-Shot

Clarkson Controls wanted to utilise email marketing to promote their latest product, the i-Con room sensor. Clarkson Controls manufacture ventilation control systems for buildings, which control temperature, ventilation and air quality. Entrusted with maintaining historical artefacts such as The Magna …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Distributor Flyer

Getting your product noticed can be a difficult task, especially in the highly competitive alcoholic beverage trade. That’s why when Twisted Cider needed a distributor flyer designed we knew it needed to stand out in the crowd. The flyer would …Read more»

Twisted Cider – Jolly Master

Branching out from their Farmhouse Range, Twisted Cider commissioned “The Jolly Master”, a medium dry craft cider available as either carbonated or still. Craft beverages have seen an increase in popularity over the past few years and Twisted Cider saw …Read more»

SSE – Static Safe Mat Infographic

SSE (Static Safe Environments) is a nationwide leader in the field of electrostatic discharge. SSE offers a range of Static Safe Mats that can be used in your workplace so that electrostatic charge can safely be transferred away from the …Read more»