Designer 3D Prints Famous Logos Into Items You Can Use Everyday

3D Printed Famous Logos

“Japanese designer Taku Omuru has come up with an amusing project in which he 3D prints famous brand logos into everyday items you can use at home or office.

For example, Omura 3D-printed the Adidas logo and turned it into a pen stand. Louis Vuitton’s ‘LV’ monogram logo was turned into a card holder by elongating the ‘V’. The Air Jordan logo was turned into a clothes hanger, and it looks like a fantastic idea for their retail stores. In fact, most of the items showcased in the project would make great promotional products for their respective brands. Check them out below.”

Air Jordan Hanger

Honda Bottle Opener

Louis Vuitton Card Holder


McDonald’s Paper Clip

Twitter Fruit Peeler


YouTube Candy


Adidas Pen Holder


See more of Taku Omura’s work here.


Article by Digital Synopsis