TWOTSP Face Mask Branding- Banana and Manuka Honey

TWOTSP Face Mask Branding

TWOTSP – Banana and Manuka Honey

TWOTSP is a South Korean new beauty brand who is launching a Ggulba sheet mask as its first product. This mask is created with two main ingredients: Banana and Manuka Honey. Banana extract is rich in Calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene and pectin. Its vitamin components smooth the skin, and its carbohydrate and glucose components moisturize the skin. Banana is effective for sensitive, dry, and aging complexion.
Manuka honey has been harvested for hundreds of years by the Maori people, and used as a powerful healing agent for the body. The Ggulba Mask uses Manuka honey extract to reduce bacterial growth in the pores, keeping skin clean and fresh.