Ad – Painkillers Only Delay the Pain


Ad – Painkillers Only Delay the Pain

Print advertisement created by FP7, Bahrain for KKT Orthopedic Spine Centre, within the category: Health.

“The problem of preferring painkillers to actually killing the cause of the pain through treatment, is even more exacerbated in Bahrain, where people prefer myopically focus on short-term relief, often times unaware of the benefits of long-term remedies and treatment. A lot of people with chronic back pain, in Bahrain, live with it by popping pills and painkillers. But the problem with painkillers is that once the medicine wears off, the pain comes back.

So, we needed to open people’s eyes to the fact that using painkillers only delays the pain and will eventually lead to far worse ramifications. Through this print awareness campaign, we sought to remind patients that there is a better alternative – one that involves treating and curing the problem than taking short term measures.

We chose illustration to stand out from the boring, clinical and medicinal advertising Bahrainis associated with most health centres, facilities and clinics. Illustration helped break the ‘message apathy’ that existed across print media.

Through the illustration series – “Alligators”, “Toxic Waste” and “Lava”, we depicted how painkillers only delay the pain. And eventually lead to far worse ramifications; including potentially fatal damage, if conditions are serious. Thereby, encouraging people to find out more about KKT Spine Centre and the chronic pain treatment the centre was offering.”