Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Ad – 90% Dark Chocolate

Amul Dark Chocolate – Print advertisement created by FCB, India, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

“Background: Dark chocolates barely constitute 10% of the chocolate category in India. But recently, consumers, especially millennials, have begun embracing dark chocolate. Amul, Asia’s second largest dairy brand, has been making chocolates for over 30 years. It recently launched a variety of premium dark chocolates, including the very rare 90% dark chocolate.

Idea: Uninitiated people don’t know what to expect from dark chocolate. For them, the world of dark chocolates is unchartered and unfamiliar. Using the rarest of variants, the 90% Dark chocolate, we created a world filled with intrigue and mystique, seducing people to be a part of it, to come and get a glimpse of what lies on the other side.”

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