New Advert for Volkswagen Parts

Volkswagen Parts

New Advert for Volkswagen Parts

“If only it was this easy to spot fake parts.
Stay safe and choose Volkswagen Genuine Parts.”

I’m not a fake is not only a print/outdoor campaign but also a new digital media: it’s the first ever, interactive ad to use reCAPTCHA recognition technology as a communication platform.

Studies showed that the purchase of fake spare parts in the Middle East was a growing problem on e-commerce sites. The same sites where reCAPTCHA recognition technology is usually used as a verification process. Instead of using random images to verify the user isn’t a robot, people have to select the fake part. The campaign’s being rolled out through the region, into media focusing on the automotive industry, targeting those who are either looking to buy a Volkswagen or are purchasing parts for one. Reminding people that fake parts are not always easy to spot and leading people to the only place where they can be secure they are getting genuine car parts: the Volkswagen dealership.

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, United Arab Emirates for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.