Zig Zag Calendar 2018 – still a few copies left

Is your desk looking bare this 2018?
Are you a month in to the year and finding that already your organisational skills are to be found wanting?
Need monthly marketing tips to keep you on the straight and narrow?

It’s not to late to turn your (business) life around with a functional, portable and aesthetically pleasing Zig Zag 2018 Marketing calendar!



  • 12 monthly calendar sheets!
  • Some pleasant illustrations!
  • Some inspirational quotes! (you’ll know who some are by, others you won’t)
  • 12 fantastic TOP TIPs to get your marketing juices flowing!
  • All the important dates such as Bank Holidays! (time off, hell yes!)
  • Weekends! (Whoo!)
  • Weekdays! (Boo!)
  • Nice, blank spaces to add your own dates, appointments, meetings events or to simply cross out the days as they pass you by!

Most importantly, at the bottom of each of the monthly pages is our phone number. By having this so close to hand you can carry out your daily business activities safe in the knowledge that should the sh*t  hit the fan, Zig Zag are only a call away to help you out.

Leave us your contact details below and we’ll get a Zig Zag 2018 marketing calendar out in the post to you (T&Cs apply, by you giving us your details so that we can send out your FREE calendar we will on the odd occasion send you an email which we think is interesting. We won’t sell, misuse or post onto linked/twitter/facebook your info and that’s a promise!)