Building Excellence in Procurement & Negotiation

Counterpoint Courses

We’ve just launched the Counterpoint website. Counterpoint are a specialist consultancy and training business focused on building excellence in procurement and commercial negotiation. By working with you to transform the way you buy things, Counterpoint will help you make significant cost savings and bring about a change in the way you manage suppliers adding real value to your business. By working with you to improve the way you negotiate, Counterpoint will enable you to close better deals. If you’re buying, suppliers need to be your assets not your headaches. Counterpoint will show you how you can save time and money and have suppliers that will go the extra mile for you. If you’re supplying, a good buyer should be your best ally. Counterpoint will show you how to work with buyers to make sure time and money are not wasted on misaligned expectations. If you’re negotiating, you need to find a solution that generates value for both parties. Counterpoint will show you how to do this and how to avoid leaving value on the table. We’re proud to say we designed, created and host the Counterpoint website.