Google will soon label non HTTPS website unsafe!

Locked Padlock On Laptop Shows Access Or Protection

Google has recently announced that it will be considering HTTPS as a metric in determining the page rank of a website. So if competing websites have equal and on point SEO, the website with HTTPS will be given preference over HTTP ones. We’ve been telling our clients that it is worth purchasing a SSL license as part of their SEO strategy for a while, it also has the benefit of encouraging visitor confidence. But Google is going one step further in it’s preference for HTTPS websites. Very soon Google will begin marking HTTP website as ‘Unsafe’ and will warn users that the HTTP website they are visiting doe not use HTTPS.   Visitors to your website could see a red X mark displayed next to your website’s domain in the address bar, sparking concerns over whether your website has been hacked, affected by malware and phishing details. If your business is still running HTTP instead of HTTPS get in touch with us today to discuss how to avoid Google classing your website as ‘unsafe’.