Smartphones Become The Most Popular Way To Get Online

Using mobile web

You remember that we recently blogged about the need for businesses to make sure that their company’s website is mobile friendly and responsive to display correctly on mobile devices (Why your business website needs to be responsive) Recent research undertaken by Ofcom support our view in what they describe as a “landmark moment” as Smartphones have overtaken laptops was the most popular way to get online. If your website isn’t mobile friendly and fully responsive then you are damaging your business and your brand. People using smartphones are spending 2 hours online every day! That’s twice as long as laptops and PC’s. Jane Rumble, head of media research at Ofcom, said: “You can see these devices are becoming more and more an important vital hub of information and communication throughout the day.” Superfast 4G is changing the way people shop, bank, search information, watch TV and communicate. If you think your website doesn’t need to be responsive you are wrong! You are making your company information harder to access via a mobile, which means Google will punish your ranking and move you further down their search engine pages – leaving the top spots for more mobile friendly sites. Two thirds of people now own a smartphone. A third (33%) of internet users see their smartphone as the most important device for going online, compared to 30% who are still sticking with their laptop, these numbers are changing dramatically year on year. The vast majority (90%) of 16-24 year olds own a smartphone; but 55-64 year olds are also joining the smartphone revolution, with ownership in this age group more than doubling since 2012, from 19% to 50%. You need to consider the mobile as an important part of your business marketing, which means you need to make your website mobile friendly and fully responsive. So if you have an existing website we can help you convert it to a fully responsive, mobile friendly design, making use of your existing website information. If you are starting a new business we can design your website ensuring it is fully responsive and geared up to take advantage of the millions of people that are accessing the internet every day via their smartphones. We can create an e-commerce site that actually makes it easy to view and purchase your products online. Call or email us today for our special website mobile friendly convertor and startup business rates.