New First Aid Fast Website Goes Live!
We built the original website a few years back and although it has proved to be very successful, the time had come to update the website to benefit from website improvements such as responsive layouts and improved e-commerce software.
The client had noticed that over the last couple of years the number of visitors to the website were increasing from mobile devices and tablets and while the old website was usable it wasn’t offering the best shopping experience for users visiting via a mobile or table. By rebuilding the website to take full advantage of a fully responsive design layout the mobile device visitor is presented with the website’s products at the optimal size and resolution for their screen size. Ultimately this helps with navigation and more importantly increased conversion of sales. The new e-commerce platform that we applied has a whole host of features allowing for easy and simple sales reporting, stock management and sales/offer management. This particular website has in excess of 335 individual products, but this isn’t even scratching the surface of what its capable of. If you are thinking or getting your product ranges online or you already have a e-commerce website but have noticed that you are loosing sales to competitors with responsive website give us a call on 01562 734040 or email us at
Why not visit and see for yourself how Zig Zag can get you up and selling!