Why WordPress For Websites?

Zig Zag and Wordpress website design Worcestershire

With a seemingly endless choice of Content Management Systems (CMS) available for building websites and managing ongoing contents and updates, what is it that WordPress has that makes it stand out for us a good choice for us and more importantly our clients. Hopefully you’ll find and agree that the following top ten key proven qualities make this free open source platform our favourite, why it should be your favourite and the benefits over other more expensive CMS developed by individual companies.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose WordPress

1. WordPress is Opensource

This gives the WordPress CMS access to thousands of developers worldwide, working around the clock to improve and secure the system. And the best part about this is that it doesn’t cost a thing, which means we don’t have to pay an expensive charge for CMS which ultimately pushes your bill for web services up. Can you think of any other CMS provider that is providing quarterly security updates and improving features and not charging you an arm and leg for it?

2. Need to move? Not a problem!

Nobody wants to pay good money for a website only to find out after they are held hostage by a CMS that is so unique and bespoke that no other agency or provider can pick it up should you want to move away from the original developers. With WordPress you’ll have access to an almost unlimited pool of developers should Zig Zag get hit by a meteor or you simply fancy a change.

3. Get found online

WordPress started as a blogging platform then over the years developed into the powerful and flexible CMS that it is today. A result of this progression is that WordPress CMS inherited the highly effective search engine optimisation (SEO) features which are deep rooted in it’s DNA.  As any marketer or blogger will tell you good SEO is key to any website.

4. Easy to use, means that it gets used

“The thing with WordPress is that it’s simple – almost idiot proof! – and that’s what you want. Anyone can log in and start using it.” Andrew Smith, Content Marketing, QubeGlobal Software.

One of main reasons we chose WordPress was it’s ease of use for the end user who generally isn’t a fully badged code expert. Our clients are amazed when we show them just how easy and straightforward the administration of their new website is. Publishing and amending content is fast and simple with great features allowing cloning existing pages to create drafts to overwrite and ability to rollback pages to previous versions. The obvious benefit of this ease of use is it becomes so much simpler and faster to train new employees or editors allowing for many people to manage the content rather than a sole person.

5. WordPress has loads of Plugins

As WordPress is so popular, it’s not surprising that if you have a need or a problem somebody else has already had that problem and a solution is readily available. Developers have created these extension “Plugins”, (pieces of code which are often free or nominal) which extend the core functionality of your website and save us time (which saves you money).

6. WordPress is mature

WordPress is over ten years old. That’s ten years of  refining, testing and improvement. This means it’s not ‘buggy’ and it won’t crash your website or erase data. That’s ten years of evolving into the world class CMS that it is today.

7. WordPress puts you in good company

WordPress isn’t just trusted by SME’s, some big names use WordPress for their CMS. How is this for name dropping; Coca Cola, CNN, Metro.co.uk, The Rolling Stones, Usain Bolt, Ford, Playstation, Mashable… We could go on but I think you get the idea.

8. WordPress can grow with your needs

You may get to a point where you need more than one website to promote various parts of your business activities, WordPress is perfect for this. WordPress and it’s multi-site capabilities, theme based structure allows the creation of new sites quickly at minimal cost whilst retaining all the brand  assets from the master website.

9. WordPress is 100% Responsive and Mobile device friendly

We can’t stress enough how important this is for websites. With 48% of searches made on Google carried out on mobile devices, your website has to be responsive. You don’t need an app for your online content to be viewed on mobile devices, you simply need a website that is capable of displaying content well on mobile devices. WordPress does this excellently.

10. WordPress = Money

WordPress isn’t just a great option to save you money, it can make you money. Want to sell online? Take your pick from a number of powerful e-commerce solutions, with capabilities for integration with numerous payment gateway, massive product catalogues, integration with accounting platforms and stock keeping. Advertising? Not a problem. Using plugin like Ad Injection, which makes it simple to add advertisements from almost any network like, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler, etc.

So get on board with WordPress

As you can see WordPress has everything you expect from a CMS and more. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can benefit from moving your website to the WordPress CMS call Zig Zag on 01562 734040 or contact here