Clarks Archive Services website revisited

Clarks Archive Services Website

Websites are a bit like cars, after a while the time comes when it makes sense to update the model you’re running. Clarks Archive Services had a website that whilst working was starting to look and feel a little past it compared to what’s happening on the web at the present. Rather than sell Clarks Archive Services a brand new model and charge a fortune, we updated the look of their website keeping the content and making a few new additions along the way. Sort of like a brand new paint job, new alloy wheels and refurnishing the interior. We’ve ‘Pimped’ their website! Now the website looks fresh off the forecourt and the motor that powers the website is running smoothly with no backfires. Clarks Archive Services are very happy with their new look and it must of been catching the eyes of others too as they’ve told us about an increase in enquiries since the work was carried out. If your website is feeling sluggish and in need of an MOT or looking tired compared to the competition, get in touch with us here at Zig Zag to find out how we can ‘Pimp’ your website!